Cardiac sensors in a smart scale

Bodyport’s novel sensors measure weight and cardiac signals in just 20 seconds.

Paired with our clinical dashboard, Bodyport helps care teams assess the overall health status of their patients and flags deviations from each patient's individualized health baseline.

The technology at the heart of Bodyport

Simple at-home experience

Cardiac data in 20 seconds

Bodyport sensors detect cardiac signals through the user's feet - no cords or cables. The familiar form factor makes daily cardiac monitoring easy, consistent, and error-free.

Personalized, actionable insights

Individualized health status & risk profile

Tracked longitudinally, Bodyport provides a comprehensive picture of each user’s health and predicted risk.

We believe in proactive health

"In our previous work, we saw cutting-edge sensors and diagnostics being deployed to patients when it was often too late. It became clear that the future of medicine is in prevention — giving everyone the power to preempt disease."

Meet the team

Comprehensive cardiac data in one simple step.