Cardiac sensors in a smart scale

Our novel sensors detect cardiac signals through your feet. In a matter of seconds, our device provides a picture of your overall health.

The technology at the heart of our product

One simple step

Medical-grade data from the comfort of home

Replacing the traditional scale and error-prone blood pressure cuff, the Bodyport™ technology is redefining at-home cardiovascular monitoring.

Personalized, actionable insights

The power to predict and preempt disease

Machine-learning algorithms continually adjust to the nuances of each user. Tailored insights empower everyone to be heart-healthy.

We believe in proactive health

"In our previous work, we saw cutting-edge sensors and diagnostics being deployed to patients when it was often too late. It became clear that the future of medicine is in prevention — giving everyone the power to preempt disease."

Meet the team

Technology with heart.